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Orion Parts 50cc

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Get your items to the nearest packet shop and pick them up where and when it suits you! The goods are delivered to one of

the 500 packet shops (eg, shelf, utility, kiosks and gas stations, etc.) - you choose which one when you order. 

With GLS Package Shop, you can deliver your items wherever you go when you leave school, work, pick up children or buy. With over 500 pack-shops to choose from, there is always one nearby. Then it will not be much easier! 

Do you order before 12:00 on a daily basis, the item will be shipped from us the same day if it is in stock. Orders are added freight by weight. 

When purchasing scooter / motard please contact us at or on our FB page regarding shipping price. We also supply scooters to Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Read more here. can not be held liable for delays with the freight carrier. If the product is on our remote, it typically takes between 2-5 days to deliver it. 

When ordering a product from our remote store, we will contact you later with information about an expected delivery date. 

Upon receipt of your goods, it is important that you check that the item is intact and has no overload in connection with transportation. We strongly encourage the promotion of transport damage within max. 3 weekdays. This facilitates your burden of proof that the damage occurred during the shipment to you and thus was present at the time of delivery. If your product has a cosmetic injury, we recommend that it not be used before contacting If the product has been in use, you can, as a customer, have difficulty proving the damage. Notification of damaged goods can be done by mail to 

Delivery to Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway and Sweden is possible, but freight is added by weight.

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