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Orion Parts 50cc

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BUY step-by-step.

Find the desired item. Get the product into shopping cart by clicking on the symbol "Add to cart". 
Then you can continue your search if you need to trade more. If you regret the contents or want to make corrections and, for example, change the number of items, you can delete the delete button or correct the box by number, respectively. 'Refresh basket' if you want to see the price after the changes. Then you go to the checkout.

The screen is called "Go to checkout". On the next screen you choose payment form and shipping. Then enter customer information and any other shipping address.

Click "Start". Confirm order - collection of order and data you have entered.

Your order will only be shipped when you click "Exit purchase". If you then leave the page, the purchase transaction is not completed. The system will immediately send you an order confirmation to the email you provided under Customer Information. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an electronic message again.

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