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Orion Parts 50cc

Pay with credit cards Pay with credit cards Pay with credit cards Pay with credit cards Pay with credit cards grants 2 years of warranty under the Purchasing Act, including material and material defects found on the normal use of the product. The warranty does not cover errors, damage or wear, directly or indirectly caused by improper operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention. Complaints about defects that should be discovered by the usual inspection of the product must be notified to within a reasonable period of time.
The item can subsequently be returned for repair, replacement or by appointment. crediting.

When returning a product, it is very important that the product is packed properly as in the receipt. This may prevent cargo damage.
We recommend that you use GLS/DHL for return of goods.
Cost of return is borne by the customer.

The right of cancellation does not apply to business customers.

In case of error, missing or possibly. Unsolicited deliveries, please contact:
Glimsholtvej 669
9870 Sindal


Product return also takes place at this address - please note that we do not receive packages sent per. COD. Return can also be done by refusing to receive the package or deliver the item personally to us. It is not a requirement but the expedition is promoted if the full information is included in the package - such as a copy of the order confirmation, copy of any. prior correspondence etc.
Cost of return is borne by the customer.


In the case of agreed decors, returned products or prepaid products that are canceled prior to shipment, there must be a full or partial refund of the purchase price.

Just a good advice.
If you have mounted some of the parts and there are visible marks after assembly, this can not be returned, as this can not be sold as new. Have you had a gasoline in a carburetor, it can not be returned as it is not new anymore, in other words Do not return any products that you would not want to receive as new!
Electrical parts are only returned in unbroken packaging.

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